Rate: $120/hr

My rate reflects very fairly the value I provide my clients with my 20+ years in business for myself, and the 40+ years of experience I have in working with computers.

You may find lower rates elsewhere, but with my expertise and efficiency, you won't find a better value.

“Scott doesn’t charge enough
for the value he provides.”
— Ann Mandelstamm

Additional Perks

  • free consultation for purchasing a new computer
    If you’re looking to buy a new system, I’ll pick one out for you, free of charge. I’ll work with you to determine your needs, and I will select a system that meets your requirements, and at the best possible price. I’ll even pick it up at a local store if you want.

  • no charge for thumb-twiddling time
    If at any point in my visit I find myself held-up by a long automated process (such as transferring data or downloading Windows updates), I’ll take myself off the clock, allowing me to take care of my own work (phone calls, emails, accounting), giving you free service time that other techs would charge you for.

  • free, quick responses to calls, emails, and texts
    See something confusing on your computer screen? Take a photo and text it to me. I’ll tell you how to proceed, free of charge. My clients are also welcome to call or email me with quick questions, too.

  • no travel charge
    If you live in my service area, my driving time is free.

  • a fair 1-hour minimum
    Many competitors require a longer appointment.

  • 1/4-hour increments
    The competition usually charges you in bulky 1-hour chunks. With CompuSmile, if your appointment lasts (say) 75 minutes, then you pay for only 75 minutes, not 2 full hours.

  • extremely flexible schedule
    My normal working hours are Monday-Friday 10-5, but if you need me on (say) a Tuesday night or a Saturday day, I can often make myself available, with no increase in rate.

  • remote support available
    As long as you have an Internet connection, I can work on your computer from my home office, which is great for quick fixes and off-hours assistance.